In the historical field of Marathon, the unique place whose name is commemorated all through the world by a sport competition, the Marathon race, the Municipality of Marathon, together with the local authorities, organize the Second International Half-Marathon Race. The starting and the arrival point will be the historical landmark of the classical Marathon Race which passes next to the tumulus of the Marathon warriors. This unique and distinguished sport competition of the Marathon Race constitutes an important link with our historical, cultural and athletic inheritance, promoting the knowledge of our historical monuments, putting forward the sport tourism and encouraging everyone’s participation in the continuity of local history and culture.

The starting time for the race competitions is fixed at 10 a.m. and separate starting points will be indicated.

We invite you and expect all of you to come to the birthplace of the Marathon Race, to join us at this historical starting point and experience through this course the live history of Marathon and enjoy all the sights of our town.

Live the unique experience of the historical Marathon Race.
Visit the unique Museum of the Marathon Race, the Archaeological Museum and other historical sites in the region.
Come back to History: follow the steps of the ancient Marathon Messenger.
Enjoy the beautiful and easy course of the Half –Marathon.

Rendezvous at the 5th of April 2015 in the place of Marathon !

      We all run the part of historic route on Sunday April 5th!

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